Travel Trends

Are they changing?

Travel trends are usually ever changing. We know that traveling as a single is much different than traveling as newlyweds, a family with small children or empty nesters. What usually doesn’t change is our desire to see new places and make memories with people we love.

Although our life circumstances may change, what doesn’t change is our need to get out an explore. Southern Living says these are the upcoming travel trends for 2023:

  • Off Grid Vacations
  • Off the Beaten Path Destinations
  • Family Travel
  • Nostalgic Getaways
  • Outdoor Trips
  • Small Town Travel

No matter how you decide to travel, it’s hard to ignore the rising costs of leaving your home area. With inflation growing it is no surprise that travelers are expected to take a different route when exploring this summer. Forbes reports that “travel is still a priority for many, with travelers expected to spend more to make up for lost time.”

In a local Facebook poll, 70 percent of those polled said gas prices weren’t stopping them from changing their plans. 30 percent said they had changed their plans for other reasons. Travel and Leisure reports an uptick in millennials taking up camping. Camping is not only more cost effective, but it provides a different type of experience.

With gas prices on the rise, it is no wonder travelers are opting for vacations that do not require as much gas. USA Today stated gas prices would continue to rise throughout the summer.

Although our style of adventuring may look different at each stage of life, it’s important to appreciate seeing new places and making memories to last a lifetime.

No matter how you decide to have fun this summer, the most important thing is to stay safe and take care of each other.